Celebrity Guests 

* Talent Subject to change 

  Space Ghost
Coast To Coast

  The Munsters

 WWE Wrestlers 

George Lowe
Friday - Sunday
Voice Actor Best Known for Space Ghost and many others.

Butch Patrick
Friday - Sunday
Actor Best Known as Eddie Munster From the hit TV show the munsters.

Bushwhacker Luke Williams
Saturday - Sunday 
WWE Hall of Fame 
The Bushwackers


Grand Master Sexay
WWE Wrestler
Best Known with the Tag Team wrestling group To Cool


The Walking Dead

Joshua Hoover
Actor best known for The Walking Dead (Fat Joey), Logan Lucky, How I Met Your Mother, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (Mac Digby). Plus many other roles


Josh Turner
Actor best known for The Walking Dead ,Under the Dome, Banshee, Nashville, The Originals. Plus many other roles.

Kaylie Turner
Actress best known for The Walking Dead ,Term Life, Dog Years, The Indy Wrestler. Plus many other roles.

Back To The Future 

Donald Fullilove
Actor Best Known as the Mayor Goldie Wilson  From Back to the Future Films. Plus many other roles.

Darlene Vogel
 Actress known for  Back to the Future II , Pacific Blue, Boy Meets World, Farscape. Plus many other roles. 


Ricky Dean Logan
Actor known for  Back to the Future II & III , Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare . Plus many other roles. 


       Artists & Creators 

Rob Hunter
Friday - Sunday
Artist for  DC Comics.

John Crowther
Friday - Sunday
Creator and Writer of a  Comic Book Series Rochelle.  Writer of The Killers Bees , Nikolai comic book

Erik Foge
Friday - Sunday
Author  Project  Pegasus Series.

Roland Mann
Friday - Sunday 
A writer, editor known for  Cat & Mouse, Rocket Ranger, Miss Fury, Planet of the Apes: Blood of the Apes, Krey and Demon’s Tails.

YouTube  & Social Media Artist 

Cavanaugh James

Jaylen Byme
Friday - Sunday

       Cosplay & Fan Communities 

Ecto Force Florida
Friday - Sunday

Task Force 27
Friday - Sunday

1701st Fleet
Friday - Sunday

David Mansfield
Tony Stark / Iron Man
Friday - Sunday

Troy Whigham
 Agent of Shield
  Friday - Sunday

Movie & TV Vehicles